Are you looking for a keynote speaker or a podcast guest with presence and authenticity? I bring a fresh perspective to the diversity & inclusion conversation by focusing on the value of the feminine and how to empower women from within.

I envision a world where women are not afraid to share their ideas and where feminine qualities are in balance with the masculine; equally in demand, represented and rewarded across organisations and management levels. The world has long experienced the damage of the overtly masculine work cultures, but it is unrealistic to think that the transition to more balanced practices will happen without a conscious effort.

I have worked with thousands of women for over nine years as more than 10,000 women have been through the DrivenWoman program. It has become clear for me that many women are feeling exhausted. This is backed by research as 42% of professional women are now feeling burned out. Women have lost themselves to the demands of others, either at workplace or at home. They express this sense of loss by feeling stuck and procrastinating when in fact they feel out of place as they are not connected to their true selves. Post-pandemic, many are ready to explore what they really want and finally start putting their own needs first.

Ambitious gender balance targets and review of workplace policies reduce bias and improve the pipeline to support women. Whilst these practices are providing the framework for change, the underlying challenges are more problematic. To create faster, lasting change and meaningful results leaders must be willing to promote the feminine, not just women.

The feminine is a set of naturally occurring abilities and values, a way of flourishing. It is carried and can be expressed by both women and men, and manifests itself throughout society, in life and in business. The world is waking up to reconnecting with the feminine, but policy changes, gender quotas and D&I initiatives alone can’t bring her back. Women feel confused and overwhelmed being asked to show up when they haven’t yet re-discovered what they have lost, their natural feminine way of expressing themselves. Women still find themselves in an era where the feminine is repeatedly being ostracised.

My talks explore some of the reasons why women have ended up in lives and careers that don’t feel deeply satisfying, why they are feeling burned out and why they are resigning, en masse. I explain why they feel stuck and afraid to make a change and how they can move forward embracing their lives and careers and what companies can do to facilitate that change.

I speak to audiences small and big on women’s empowerment.

The Feminine Way: A New Definition Of Success

  • Why women have ended up in lives and careers that they are now questioning (burnout and the great resignation)
  • How women define success
  • Why discovering who you are and defining your success is crucial for fulfilment
  • How to embrace life and career in the feminine way

Unleashing Women’s Potential For Faster Change

  • What are the Feminine and Masculine values
  • Why women feel undervalued
  • Why men are not sometimes best placed to create change even when they want to
  • How to empower the female workforce across the whole organisation

Why Women Burnout or Resign, And What Can Organisations Do About It

  • What is behind women’s exhaustion
  • Barriers for change
  • Creating a safe space, accountability and self-leadership
  • Fast results through empowering women from inside out

My talks range from small gatherings and panel talks to delivering a keynote to a large audience. I’m comfortable “being put on the spot”, have plenty of case studies to take about and always make my talks interactive delivering something actionable.

I’ve delivered key notes, panel talks and workshops to companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, PA Consulting Group and BNP Paribas. I have been on stage at big summits such as The Best You Expo London and Women In Business Expo UK.

Festival of Doers Zürich 2018 at UBS
Festival of Doers Zürich 2018 at UBS

“Miisa is a force of nature. Her energy, wisdom and bravery in creating DrivenWoman has been nothing short of exceptional. This ever expanding group of women across the globe have bought into her vision and it already is changing countless women’s lives. Festival of Doers (as part of DrivenWoman) both in London and Switzerland have been huge successes.  I was lucky enough to hear Miisa give an inspiring, informative and engaging talk about her views and insight into the future. She is a true thought leader.”

Emma Stroud, Director of Truth Works, MC, Comedy Performer, TEDx Speaker

“Miisa is a truly special human being. Every time she speaks, she utters words that stay with you, gently nudging you in the direction you want to go. Miisa’s achievements speak for themselves, but what’s wonderful is how she humbly brings all that experience onto the stage as she presents. Rather than feeling intimidating, her business prowess and passion her powerfully inspirational. Miisa leads by example. And those who follow her achieve equally greatly. This is how it’s done!”

Hazel Gale, Author, speaker, cognitive hypnotherapist and ex-world champion in full-contact kickboxing.


“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Miisa for a number of years now and during that time have been in awe of her consistency as well as her strategic vision. Miisa is committed to creating something bigger than herself to help our world and is a leader both within the businesses she successfully builds, and for the community she serves. I now count Miisa as a valued client, collaborator, mentor and friend and can absolutely recommend both her and her work.”

Niyc Pidgeon, Positive Psychologist MSc, Best Selling Hay House Author, Presenter, Speaker, Young Entrepreneur Of The Year

“Miisa was the force behind Festival of Doers which saw a group of like minded and determined women together to discuss, challenge and implement actions to ensure that gender balance is achieved whether in the world of entrepreneurship or workplace. Miisa not only has the vision and contacts to deliver her stellar line up but also has focus on the smaller details which are just as important in order for any event to fun well. A real pleasure to work with and hoping to do more too.”

Nick Howe, Enterprise Manager, NatWest London, UK

“I recently had the experience of working with Miisa and DrivenWoman in my capacity as an international speaker. Miisa’s working style and personal ethics are refreshing and laudable – she is uncompromisingly genuine. Working with her sense of exemplary leadership, coordination and organisation was wonderfully purposeful. She brings her wealth of experience to meaningful problem solving. I look forward to us working more together.”

Dr. Priya Virmani, Political and Economic Analyst, Writer, Social Entrepreneur, International Speaker

FestivalOfDoers2017 medium

BNP Paripas

I’ve also appeared on some of the most inspiring Podcasts for women, including:

DNX Podcast — ranked nro #9 on Inc. magazine’s ’15 Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Every Week’ where I talk about ‘How To Take Charge Of Your Destiny’ with Silvia Christmann

The Purpose Girl podcast –ranked top 20 in self-help in more than 30 countries, discussing ‘From Dreams To Action’ with Carin Rockind   

Unsurprisingly, I’m a guest on School For Mothers podcast episode Drive. School For Mothers is a leading podcast for mothers where intelligent, irreverent, empowered and, frankly, diverse mothers talk about their lives.

I enjoyed being a guest on Blare Palmer’s ‘A Brilliant Gamblepodcast episodeDriven woman’.