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Miisa Mink is a change maker, activist and founder. She’s the founder and managing partner of DrivenWoman Ltd, a women’s empowerment company. She’s also the founder of an NGO fighting to keep mining companies out of Europe’s 4th biggest lake, Lake Saimaa.

Miisa is a seasoned public speaker. She has delivered key notes, panel talks and workshops to companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, PA Consulting Group and BNP Paribas. She has been on stage at big summits such as The Best You Expo London and Women In Business Expo UK. She has even organised a political rally and can hold her own against mining lobbyists on TV talk shows!

Festival of Doers Zürich 2018 at UBS
Festival of Doers Zürich 2018 at UBS

“Miisa is a force of nature. Her energy, wisdom and bravery in creating DrivenWoman has been nothing short of exceptional. This ever expanding group of women across the globe have bought into her vision and it already is changing countless women’s lives. Festival of Doers (as part of DrivenWoman) both in London and Switzerland have been huge successes.  I was lucky enough to hear Miisa give an inspiring, informative and engaging talk about her views and insight into the future. She is a true thought leader.”

Emma Stroud, Director of Truth Works, MC, Comedy Performer, TEDx Speaker

“Miisa is a truly special human being. Every time she speaks, she utters words that stay with you, gently nudging you in the direction you want to go. Miisa’s achievements speak for themselves, but what’s wonderful is how she humbly brings all that experience onto the stage as she presents. Rather than feeling intimidating, her business prowess and passion her powerfully inspirational. Miisa leads by example. And those who follow her achieve equally greatly. This is how it’s done!”

Hazel Gale, Author, speaker, cognitive hypnotherapist and ex-world champion in full-contact kickboxing.


“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Miisa for a number of years now and during that time have been in awe of her consistency as well as her strategic vision. Miisa is committed to creating something bigger than herself to help our world and is a leader both within the businesses she successfully builds, and for the community she serves. I now count Miisa as a valued client, collaborator, mentor and friend and can absolutely recommend both her and her work.”

Niyc Pidgeon, Positive Psychologist MSc, Best Selling Hay House Author, Presenter, Speaker, Young Entrepreneur Of The Year

“Miisa was the force behind Festival of Doers which saw a group of like minded and determined women together to discuss, challenge and implement actions to ensure that gender balance is achieved whether in the world of entrepreneurship or workplace. Miisa not only has the vision and contacts to deliver her stellar line up but also has focus on the smaller details which are just as important in order for any event to fun well. A real pleasure to work with and hoping to do more too.”

Nick Howe, Enterprise Manager, NatWest London, UK

“I recently had the experience of working with Miisa and DrivenWoman in my capacity as an international speaker. Miisa’s working style and personal ethics are refreshing and laudable – she is uncompromisingly genuine. Working with her sense of exemplary leadership, coordination and organisation was wonderfully purposeful. She brings her wealth of experience to meaningful problem solving. I look forward to us working more together.”

Dr. Priya Virmani, Political and Economic Analyst, Writer, Social Entrepreneur, International Speaker

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