Miisa Mink

Women feel out of place because they have lost connection to their true selves and their feminine values.

Since 2013 I have met over one thousand women and heard their personal stories as I’ve travelled the world building the DrivenWoman empowerment platform. Women from London to Lisbon, from Sidney to Singapore and from Helsinki to Hong Kong struggle with similar issues: many women feel that they are at crossroads, the choice between family and career no longer satisfies them. They know they want “something different” but can’t put their finger on why they feel so dissatisfied as their life looks perfectly in order from the outside. It is an internal struggle, hunger for something else.

Women have lost themselves in the demands of others, either at the workplace or at home. They express this sense of loss by feeling stuck and procrastinating when in fact they do not know who they really are. Numerous studies demonstrate how women are afraid to express their true essence. They suffer from lack of confidence and rather stay invisible than show up ready to enthusiastically share their ideas and aspirations.

The opposite of self-doubt is when people feel that they ‘belong’ and are surrounded by people who respect and appreciate them for who they are. Women’s ideas, emotions, personalities, bodies and values have been a target of judgement and ‘not belonging’ for centuries.

In short, in a world built on the masculine values women feel they don’t belong.

The society we live in still predominantly celebrates the masculine values. Many women have tried to adopt masculine strategies for a path to success, yet find themselves feeling overwhelmed and overworked, lacking direction. Many have raised through the corporate ranks and built successful careers but have failed to define success in a feminine way.

I’ve dedicated my life to understanding this disconnect and encouraging women to define their own kind of success, and believe there’s value in the feminine. And rather than waiting for the world to change for them start taking immediate action towards their true goals. For too long we women have been chasing the dreams of others and accepting the rules of the masculine system. It’s now time we stop waiting and start creating the world we want to live in.

After giving birth to twin boys ten years ago, I found myself re-evaluating what success meant to me and decided I was going to live a bigger life on all levels, not simply chasing one dimensional success. I noticed that this message resonated with a lot of women and in 2013 I founded a women’s empowerment and accountability platform DrivenWoman where women support each other and take action to create the life they actually want. And as they do, they grow up and stop believing the lies society tells them about the feminine.


Thousands of women each year come to me with the same problem regardless of nationality, race, profession, education or religion: “I was told to follow a certain path. Why do I feel undervalued, overwhelmed, anxious and scared? I want to move forward but feel stuck unable to take the first step.”

I’ve developed a unique methodology called Lifeworking™ that combines the benefits of networking and personal development in small accountability groups on- and off-line. DrivenWoman is now helping thousands of women across the globe reach their goals, follow their dreams and and put those precious plans into action. In monthly meetings and online webinars members share their progress and keep each other accountable to make big life changes happen.

I founded DrivenWoman as a personal passion project in 2013. DrivenWoman has since grown from one women’s support group in London (UK), to a global movement. Over 20,000 women have attended DrivenWoman’s events on- and off-line since 2013.


When women start celebrating their talents and who they are, the world will change.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, and we all have two choices. We can either get entangled up with the negativity and the fight, blaming the system, or we can choose to walk away from the struggle and start creating a positive change with our own actions. Women need a safe forum where they can take control of their own destiny and not simply rely on their environment to change, as that can take time.

We have brought DrivenWoman programs to corporates. Many companies have focused on pushing more female talent through the pipeline. That approach can only do so much as the ‘pipeline’ remains a masculine construct. To see the true potential of women companies must seek to empower women from within releasing their true feminine power.


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Launching Festival of Doers

In January 2017 I launched a one-day seminar called Festival Of Doers. I wanted to create a new kind of event that would deliver more than just great talks and inspiration. The festival brings together successful women thought leaders from around the world and creates a new kind of empowerment event. It offers attendees a chance to learn from other women and commit to making a change in their own lives integrating principles of DrivenWoman: attendees write down their goals, share their dreams & ideas openly and identify action points they will put into practice the very next day.

London Live TV interview with Miisa Mink, Founder of DrivenWoman – Festival of Doers 2018 from wearedriven on Vimeo.

I believe that when women support, inspire and become accountable to each other, big things will happen. DrivenWoman provides a thriving environment that can inspire and support women to find the braveness and stamina to overcome challenges and go after their dreams.

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