Miisa Mink

It’s time to do something.

Hi, I’m the founder and chief-doer of DrivenWoman, a women’s empowerment company, and the founder of Saimaa ilman kaivoksia, a NGO fighting to keep mining companies off Europe’s 4th largest lake, Lake Saimaa. I’m an award winning women’s empowerment activist, author and speaker.

Holistic solutions to organizational and societal problems arise from inner transformation on an individual level. We are moving from an age of authority to an era where collective change is derived from individual’s ability see things in a new light and act differently.




WATCH: CNN Money interview with Ana Maria Montero ‘All Inclusive’ show here.

London Live TV interview with Miisa Mink, Founder of DrivenWoman – Festival of Doers 2018 from wearedriven on Vimeo.

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Huffington Post interview